What projects can EPDM used for?

We now stock TRC EPDM membranes across our branches. Wondering how you could use it in your next project? We caught up with the team to find out a little bit more about the product and exactly what you could use it for. Check out what they told us below.

EPDM is becoming increasingly popular, due to its robustness, value for money and longevity. They are versatile as well as easy to fit, so they lend themselves to a whole range of projects and solutions. In this article, we are going to outline some projects that are perfect for using EPDM. Ranging from shed roofs, and to rubber gutter linings.

Garden Studios and office roofs

Because of the durability and weather resistance EPDM possesses, it is a top choice for either replacing or repairing your garden studio or office. Traditional shed roofing only has a life expectancy of 4 years and deteriorates quickly, due to UV exposure. Using EPDM is durable throughout all seasons, ensuring your garden room, studio or office remains in the best condition for the full 50 year life expectancy. 

Shepherd Hut Roofs

EPDM is an ideal option for mobile structures such as shepherd's huts due to its durability and ability to absorb structural movements under which other materials would fail. With the growing popularity of glamping, shepherd huts and their robust nature have become even more popular with the fair-weather campers and people looking for something a little sturdier than a tent. 

Balcony Flooring 

EPDM membranes are the perfect alternative for pedestrian access ways such as fire escapes and balcony floors. This is because EPDM will last under foot traffic, as well as continually being resilient against the year round weather conditions. 

Roof Garden Flat Roofs

A roof garden is classed as any garden on the roof of a building, and EPDM is a waterproof, durable option. With many environmental benefits, garden roofs are becoming increasingly sought after, and with EPDM, you can overlay the membrane with almost any finish. 

If you'd like more information on EPDM or any roofing enquiries in general, then why not get in touch with our dedicated product specialists who will be more than happy to help.