Meet Ian


Business Development Manager, Civils

Since 2004, 19 years!

It consists of visiting company buyers to discuss their opportunities with us and see how as a business we can assist. I also help set deals up for our clients with our key manufacturing suppliers as well as supporting the contracts sales teams with any issues or problems they may encounter. This may entail doing site visits and join visits with suppl chain representatives.

I left school with very little in the way of qualifications and to make ends meet I had to do whatever job I could find that would pay me. I mainly worked in factories and one day I said to my wife Diane, I can't continue like this in life, surely I've got more to offer. I applied for a job in sales having seen a new business open locally to where we lived. I was offered that role immediately, it was selling drainage and rainwater goods to builders and groundwork contractors. I grasped the opportunity with both hands and instead of reading newspapers and magazines I had to quickly adust to reading product guides and brochures to learn about what I was selling... from there I made two quick moves to try and get to where I wanted to be. I was then approached by James Burrell to come in and enhance the opportunities with the major civils companies in the region and from there on in as they say 'the res is history'!!

An independent builders merchant is what ticks my box... regardless of what peoples positions are in the company we support each other. We all have highs and lows in our lives and if the support is needed to help us through the tough times this company gives it fully. I can say that through personal experience...!

I love a few beers and some fine food, I'm sure my not so athletic type physique tells you that... I also enjoy watching football and rugby and participating in a round of golf. However I am now a proud Grandad to little Archie and my time with him is the best way to spend a weekend!

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