Meet Gareth

I am part of the Internal Sales team at our Blyth branch.

It's been 2 years this June.

A typical day for me is dealing with my account customers. I like to keep in touch with them as much as possible so we're not missing out on anything and taking whatever enquiries they put my way. I've built up a good customer base in the time I've been here so they do keep me busy.

I started my career as a Sales Apprentice in 2005. They started me off in the yard serving customers to learn the products and once I had enough knowledge I went in to the Sales Office and worked on the counter until I was put onto desk sales. I took on a few different roles over the years and have done a bit of everything from sales to purchasing, stocktakes to merchandising, banking and admin.

It's definitely being made to feel as a valued member of the team and feeling appreciated for what you do. Then not working weekends comes a close 2nd!

I love anything to do with football so if it's watching on TV or going to a game, I'm happy. Spending time with my partner and two boys which is another thing I love about this company; you get the work/life balance to my perfection.

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